Winter Wedding Tips

Winter Wedding Tips
(Last Updated On: 29th November 2018)

Getting married in the winter can be an amazing decision but there are some key differences that you will need to think about whilst planning your big day.

Here are five great tips supplied to us by Brides who also opted for a winter wedding…




When couples think of a winter wedding they often are hoping for snow, according to statistics supplied by the Met Office, in the UK we typically receive 23.7 days of snow a year, however most of this snow falls on higher ground in the North of England and Scotland.

Of these days it is likely that any snow will fall between the months of January to February. Contrary to popular belief it is rare for snow to fall at Christmas in the UK. Interestingly the only reason we believe that it should snow at Christmas is because of Charles Dickens who wrote that it was snowing in his book ‘A Christmas Carol’ because at that time in England people were enduring a period of freezing temperatures and greater than usual snowfall.

Due to the great difficulty predicting when it will snow in this country in advance (i.e. when you are booking your venues) if snow is an important factor you may want to consider hiring or even purchasing a snow machine.

Snow machine hire companies have become quite popular and can be found relatively easily online. Be warned they don’t come cheap though so you may wish to buy a mini version which retail for as little as £40-50. Whilst it won’t give off the same effect as a professional snow machine showering all of your guests with snow, if you have a creative photographer or videographer they will be able to use the mini version to create a shot that will frame the couple in snow.




News Flash, its winter it going to be cold. So make sure you take precautions.

We recommend firstly considering base layers, particularly if your planning any outside elements to your wedding. A pair of good thick tights can be a life saver and will never be spotted under the dress. Also don’t forget about your bridesmaids they will want to stay warm too. Maybe consider a patio heater if they have to stand outside or if they’re indoors and its still chilly some hand warmers would go down a treat. You can buy some relatively cheaply and they work by shaking them to activate and then last for up to 8 hours – Perfect to help keep off the chill.

Your guests will also want to stay warm too. A good way of doing this is trading up the Champagne welcome drink for a hot alcoholic beverage instead – a mulled wine or cider would be a lovely little treat for well wishers to keep them nice and toasty and quite possibly end up cheaper than the champers too!


Colour Theme and Decorations


The best winter colours to experiment with are – berry red, gold, silvery blue and natural greens. Definitely consider bridesmaid dresses in the silvery blue colour – its simply stunning when against the white of the brides dress.

Winter is such a great time for decorations – Good ideas to look at include Snowflake patterns, Bows, Centrepieces styled with a twig tree decorated in fairly lights look amazing. Also because the light will fade quicker due to the time of year consider using candle light to really set of the natural darkness. Worried about the open flame catching your dress? – You can buy fake candles these days that look exactly like the real thing but they’re battery operated and completely safe.

Flower wise consider adding traditional winter elements of holly and mistletoe to make your day look even more seasonal.


Extra Time


In the winter the roads often become more congested. Also accidents are more common and in general journeys that normally take only a few minutes can end up taking an hour or more. Make sure that everyone has enough time to get everywhere. For this reason couples often decide to hold their day at just one venue but if you are using two make sure everyone has a print out map and postcode to find the next location and that you factor in worst case scenarios to ensure that nobody misses a second of your special day. Talk to the venue and try to have the timings more spaced out if you can. Do a dummy route of the journey yourself ahead of time to double check the best way to get to each location – sat navs don’t always know the best way.


Videography and Photography


The biggest thing to remember with your videography and photography during the winter season is that you may have to have your group and romantic shots and video recorded earlier in the day due to the daylight fading a lot earlier. Believe me your images will look even better in natural light than in artificial light so try to accommodate your photographer and videographer if you can. Don’t worry if its not possible, professionals can always deliver a good shot but they’d all agree its easier to make the image quality better in the daylight.

Brollies are very very useful. Its the winter and unfortunately you have to accept that it may rain so take heed and do as the scouts do “be prepared”.  An umbrella can save your hairstyle and keep your dress dry, so make sure to have more than one around.

Heels look amazing but they are wet grasses worst enemy. Consider changing up in to a pair of flats or maybe rock out some sexy wellies? You can find some really stylish ones online that will look very classy even in a dress.

It could be a bit of a drastic step, but a back up dress could be one idea if your day is fixed in stone and its forecast to be torrential. If you can’t stomach buying a backup wedding dress then maybe bring a nice party dress for the evening, just incase the white one does get a bit thrashed about by mother’s nature.



Photo: Kindly supplied by Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge

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