Why should I hire a Videographer for my Wedding?

Why should I hire a Videographer for my Wedding?
(Last Updated On: 2nd May 2018)

I speak to many couples as part of my day to day and I often hear the same response when I ask them what they loved the most about their wedding.

“It went so fast. I can’t really remember, its all just a blur”

I’ve worked on lots of different weddings and whilst different budgets and aesthetics change, one thing that never changes is the hard-work that both Bride and Groom put into making their wedding the most special day they can. So, with all this pain-staking effort in mind surely you want to remember the day?

A specially trained wedding videographer will record the whole day and edit all the best moments in to a highlights film that will remind you of the day and can be shared with friends and family.

This means that you will be able to see the gorgeous grounds that you didn’t have enough time to explore,  view the perfectly laid table decorations that you spent ages searching for, see Granny chatting away with a beaming smile on her face, listen back to the beautiful words that your groom spoke to you in his speech and giggle at the not-so beautiful dancing from Uncle Frank, all from the comfort of the sofa, or wherever you choose.

Although not always the first thing couples think of, a professionally produced video is the only way to capture long lasting memories that will exist indefinitely for you, your children their children and their children’s children to watch and witness history being made. Your history. Their history.

Photographs of course are important too. They have a timeless quality that will always be loved and valued.

But if you want every second captured in detail and every word spoken recorded then choosing a wedding videographer has to be a decision you at the very least consider.



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