How do I choose where to get married?

How do I choose where to get married?
(Last Updated On: 3rd July 2018)

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No this isn’t a series hosted by Kirstie and Phil, its a serious question that brides all over the world ask themselves almost as soon as they get engaged.


“Where am I going to get married?”


There is no real straightforward answer but here are three great questions that can help you come to a solution that’s right for you and your family.

The first question you should really answer is who do you want to be at your wedding. It’s no good planning a wedding abroad if you desperately want Auntie Jean to come knowing full well that she has a crippling fear of flying. Or picking a venue that is only accessible via stairs knowing that Granny Mavis is wheelchair bound. Being smart and thinking about your guests needs well in advance will help you to pick the right place. Write a list of everyone you want to come to your wedding and put a note next to them if they have any special requirements that you need to consider, this will help you to plan to make the right choice.

Secondly, ask yourself what area you want to be married in. By area, I mean Country, County, District, Town, Village. For some brides, the location is more important than the venue. Traditionally the birthplace or hometown of The Bride is the place to be, but times have long since changed and now attitudes are much more relaxed. Now it really is up to you where you choose to be married. To begin let’s look abroad, now there is an endless supply of gorgeous locations but the three being talked about currently are Florence, for a typical Mediterranean style wedding full of wine, olives groves, and architecture. Seychelles, for the more relaxing, dreamy wedding with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches and lastly New York for that classic Americana that you remember from days of watching Friends on TV, whilst eating a huge cheeseburger.

Then, of course, there are beautiful areas all over the UK to consider too, The Highlands of Scotland often tick a lot of peoples boxes and then there is always the option of glitz and glamour at a London wedding. For a marriage by the sea, Portsmouth is gaining in popularity and Cornwall is also a good shout for somewhere a little less busy. However, despite the beauty of these locations in some circumstances, your choices will be limited by your families situation. Just like question one if you want the most important people in your life to be present you have to make sure that they can get there. Ideally, this means choosing somewhere that your guests can reach without too much hassle. This will usually mean opting for a place that isn’t too far away from where you’re currently living. Dream Over? No definitely not. There are so many fantastic venues to choose from and many of these are hidden away in places you may have never even known about. You could be living near a secluded mansion and never have known about it. Having a wedding video taken in Hertfordshire can work from both a logistics point-of-view and cost. Worth considering?

Now comes the crunch question…how much am I willing to spend? We all have dream wedding venues, but for many of us on restricted budgets, those dreams will always remain a fantasy. But that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for second best, you just need to be a bit savvier when it comes to picking your venue.


Often venues will charge less for a weekday wedding, or if you get married out of wedding season (May-Sep). If it’s a particular venue that you’re keen on a great way of encouraging the venue to give you a discounted price is to visit the venue in person and ask to speak to the events manager or designated wedding manager if they have someone employed in this role. Its a proven fact that people are far more likely to be flexible with you if they speak to you face to face, you never know you may be able to negotiate a discount or perhaps they can throw in something for free? Remember that venues want your custom at the end of the day and would rather have a date confirmed than not confirmed.


At the end of the day choosing your location is a bit of a balancing act and as you may have guessed now why. Despite being your day, all the key questions are heavily influenced by your guests’ needs.


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