Amateur vs Professional Video?

Amateur vs Professional Video?
(Last Updated On: 25th March 2019)

Your Wedding is coming up and you’ve decided that you’d like to have it filmed. Almost everyone you know has a smart phone so why not just ask a friend to video your wedding day for you? It’s certainly a cost effective approach, so should you entertain the idea?

Simply put, Not if you want a good video.

Ok that answer may be a little bit harsh and of course this answer is coming from a biased source (I am after all a business owner who relies on couples opting for a professional rather than an amateur) so rather than me simply saying no and leaving it there allow me to give you 5 very good reasons why I believe that there is no substitute to a professioanl videographer.


  1. Professional – Its right there in the title, professional videographers will act professionally. They are employed by you to do a job. They have the necessary skills to take on the job and have the experience to know how to carry it out. Now i’m not saying that Uncle Bob/Auntie Jane isn’t a professional, but he/she has principally been invited as a guest so will be wanting to chat to their fellow guests and enjoy themselves and there is a possibility that filming your wedding will be an after thought. Not to mention that whomever the family member or friend that you ultimately choose to film your wedding is unless they are a wedding videographer they are unlikely to have the experience to know how a wedding runs, what the order of the day is, where the best spots to set-up are etc etc. Hiring a professional means hiring someone who cares a lot about making the perfect film for you and that will be their top priority.
  2. Camera – Smart cameras are becoming more and more capable of producing good images, but they are still light years away from being as good as professional video cameras and its easy to see why when you think about it. A professional camera is a lot bigger than a phone. Why? Because it has so many more professional components to fit inside that all have very important jobs. The sensor size for example in a phone is so much smaller than in a professional camera. The lens too is tiny on a phone and you have such little control over it. A professional videographer will have top spec kit that will be in most cases designed for high-end filmmaking.
  3. Sound – One of the best things about having a professional videographer is that they will not only film great looking images but they will also record high definition sound of the day too, in particular the moments that are the most important where sound is concerned; the vows and the speeches. Your videographer will have specialist microphones that he/she will use to mic up all the key individuals so that the best quality audio can be captured. Can Uncle Bob capture the same quality audio from the internal mic on his smartphone? Not a chance.
  4. Editing – Possibly the most over looked aspect of a wedding videographers job. The edit is where your videographer will build your film using the video clips that he/she captured on the day. They will use their creativity along with their experience to create a beautiful momento of your day that you can look back at and enjoy for years to come.
  5. After Care – Finally, your videographer will likely provide an aftercare service. This can be as simple as advising on how to upload your films to the web, sending the video to other friends/family or even in some cases making slight changes to the final video. At the end of the day a large amount of your videographers business is likely to come from referalls and therefore it is in a professional videographers interest to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product in the hope that you recommend their video services to others.


So to summarise you absolutely can ask a friend/family member to film your wedding for you rather than hire a professional, but the real question should be,… why would you want to?

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