Frequently asked questions

During my experience of work as an event videographer I’ve heard our customers asking many similar questions… Here I’ve compiled a top 10 list of the most frequently asked ones!
What's your style?





My style tends to change dependant on the couple itself. I always draw my inspiration from watching how they behave themselves and communicate with each other while not in front of the camera. Then I try to recreate or immediately capture those moments of sincerity on film…





Do you work only in London and the South East?


No, of course I can travel all around the country and even overseas if it’s necessary to meet with your requests. Obviously, all traveling expenses, like petrol, tolls and hotel fees are included in a price tag and have an impact upon the wedding costs. 70 return miles is included in every package price, with an incremental cost per mile for weddings further afield. I always inform my customers of any additional expenses beforehand…

70p per additional mile over the included 70 return miles

Hotel Stay must be arranged for locations that are more than 150 miles from Hemel Hempstead








How can I make a reservation for my wedding?


You can write to me at matthew@creativecastleproductins.net and then we can meet each other at a place most convenient for you. If this is not possible we can arrange contact via skype or any video conference service. So if you decide to hire me as your wedding videographer I will give you a contract that certifies and confirms all your choices. Also it will require a non-refundable pre-paid deposit on your side to book the date. The contract is based on the standard agreement that all videographers are using (and photographers for that matter).






I have seen the pictures of your weddings on your site, does this mean you also do photography and can I hire you to do this?

Yes I do practice photography on the side but unfortunately I do not offer these services professionally. I prefer to specialise in videography as this is where my heart lies. However, working in the industry I have built up a long list of contacts who specialise in photography and I can recommend people to you, should you wish.

Please note. Creative Castle Productions is not responsible for photography or videography work of other companies and/or persons.






How important is the location for the pictures quality and diversity?

It would be a lie if I would say that location doesn’t matter. By “location” I mean all the places that are a part of your wedding day…  Luminous and spacious places are essential elements in order to have high quality images captured. Also the more decorative a place  is, the nicer it will look on camera…

Another aspect to consider is sound. If your location of choice is a noisy one, it will be difficult to capture acceptable audio…





How much should I spend for wedding videography, roughly?


Well, it’s pretty difficult to estimate a price you should pay because each wedding is a unique situation and many nuances and requirements can influence it. The cost will depend entirely on the couple’s needs. Another consideration is the experience level of the videographer you hire. Less experienced videographers will charge less than more experienced ones for example. At Creative Castle we are very experienced in delivering high quality cinematic video and we pride ourselves on being able to offer different levels of service that we feel is priced to suit every budget – because lets face it weddings are expensive…






Do you offer DVDs?


As standard every production comes with 1 x USB, enabling you to create your own DVD’s at home for free. However if you wish me to provide a Blu Ray or DVD I can do so, just ask. (£12.00)

Please also remember that the quality of the video will be worse on a DVD because DVD’s are not High Definition.







Can I have the original, RAW pre edited files?



You absolutely can, but remember these files are large so you will need to provide an external hard drive to store them on… If you don’t have one we can buy one for you but this will be subject to the unit cost and an administration charge…

If you have one of your own you will need to contact us direct to arrange a suitable date and time for you to drop it in to us.






Do you offer 4k videography?



As standard we shoot in 1080P High Definition video. This is a very good resolution which 100% of televisions in the UK are rated for. However in the past we have filmed in 4K for couples that have really wanted it and we have loved doing so, however unfortunately we can only film in 4K at an additional cost. This added cost is because we are required to hire in the correct cameras for the wedding. If this is something you are interested in then please mention it to us and we’d be more than happy to shoot in 4K for you.







Do you offer camera drone videography?



Dependant on location and weather yes we can offer Drone Videography. We book a separate Drone Videographer Specialist who is CAA qualified and whom we have worked with before. We only use CAA qualified operators because it is the law. Drone shots can really add quality and almost always intensify the magic of your final film and we highly recommend that you consider them as an optional extra. (£350)






Do you have any other questions? If so, please Contact us.