The Hybrid Beast that is the Videographer Guest

The Hybrid Beast that is the Videographer Guest
(Last Updated On: 18th April 2018)
Sometimes as a videographer you are placed in the unique position of being both guest and videographer….

Whilst this is certainly a daunting task I have some tips that I can share from my personal experience:

  1. Videographer first, guest secondIt is truly a delight to be invited to a wedding but when you are also contracted as an employee your status as a professional must come first.What do I mean by this?I mean you have a job to do first and foremost. If you spend too much time chatting or having fun you can miss the most important shots and as you know very well at weddings there are no retakes.
  2. Yes you do need to wear a suit (or equivalent)For some this will be standard practice anyway, but others prefer to dress casual on the day, both come with different advantages and disadvantages, for example if you are suited and booted and accidentally snapped by the photographer you look like a guest so you are less noticeable, although wearing a suit you are certainly more restricted with arm and shoulder movement which can limit what you can do with the camera. But all of this decision making goes out of the window when you are a guest because at some point you, YES YOU will be wanted in a photo or possibly even someone else’s video yourself, so dress smart.
  3. Don’t drink until your work is doneSorry to be a buzz kill but alcohol is proven to slow down your, well everything and if you want to be completely on top of things you’ll want to avoid the booze until your work is done.
  4. Ensure your equipment is safe before returning to the partyYes you will need to come back to the party when your work is done but don’t sacrifice the time it takes to ensure your camera and other expensive items have been locked somewhere safe so you can forget about it. It is also an idea to check that you have every shot you need because last thing you’ll want to do when you’re finished is go back into videographer mode after letting your hair down.
  5. Try to have fun (honestly really try)Guess what, you have been invited by the bride/groom/both because they want you to enjoy their special day so try to smile and look like you are enjoying it… even if secretly your peeved that your so called friends have got you working, probably at a reduced rate/free and they expect you to be happy about it… what can I say? Hey at least its a rarity.

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