Can you work with our photographer? Absolutely.

Can you work with our photographer? Absolutely.
(Last Updated On: 5th March 2018)

I hope our videographer and photographer don’t get in each others way.

A common thought amongst our couples and certainly one that needs to be asked.

A newcomer to the industry may not realise quite how important it is to strike up a good harmony with the photographer.

Both are working for the couple with the desire to present the best possible product, but neither can work efficiently if they are not aware of each others needs.

At Creative Castle we speak to your photographer ahead of time to make sure that we can have an all important chat about your special day. We’ll discuss our preferred methods of working

and collectively come to a decision about how best to shoot the wedding so each of us can get the best shots. Working in the industry on a regular basis means that we often bump into the same faces

including photographers and it means that we may have worked with your chosen photographer before which will make our job all the more easier because we’ll already have a good idea of how each other works.

We also see a lot of photographers final images and therefore have a pretty good idea who would be a good choice for your wedding if you haven’t yet decided upon a photographer.

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